BitTorrent Sync passes 1 million monthly users, releases API

BitTorrent Sync passes 1 million monthly users, releases API

BitTorrent Sync, the app that lets you create your own personal cloud, has reached more than one million monthly active users. Currently still in beta, BitTorrent Sync has been updated to version 1.2 with a ton of bug fixes as well as an API for developers.

With over one million monthly active users, BitTorrent Sync has transferred over 30 petabytes (30,720 terabytes)  worth of data to date.

“Since launching BitTorrent Sync in Beta this past July we’ve grown fast and are seeing rapid increases everyday,” says BitTorrent.

BitTorrent is also releasing an API for BitTorrent Sync, hoping to enfranchise both developers and end users. Sync is still very much about security and privacy, since it acts as a replacement for popular file lockers like Dropbox and Google Drive. Sync works by turning your network of computers into your own encrypted personal cloud. The API will be available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android.

The API includes features for selecting individual files to sync, integrate Sync’s technology without a user interface, and Encryption Secret support which generates random passwords to help keep your data secure.

iPad users will happy as there’s now a native iPad app. The iOS app has been redesigned to fit Apple’s design guidelines for iOS 7. All versions of BitTorrent Sync will get a speed boost for transferring files over a local area network (LAN). BitTorrent has seen maximum transfer speeds of around 90MB per second over LAN.

Download BitTorrent Sync: Windows | Mac | Linux | iOS | Android


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